Local fisherboat captains will take you from your yacht moored in Ekincik Bay to Dalyan River for a 30min cruising in small boat which will take you here among the marvellous landscape of the ancient Calbis river.

This beach is one of the rare beaches on the world where the Marine Turtles called Carette Carette come and nest. Because of that, the beaches is seriously protected by the Turkish Association of Protection of the Natural Life.

One side of this beach is the river (fresh water), and the other side is the Sea (salty water). So you can decide where to swim as you enter the beach.

 you can also visit the ancient city of Caunos on the way back to Dalyan town center. The place to see on this hill (10 mins walk) are, the Ancient Theatre, the Roman Bath, the Temple of Apollon, and the Acropolis up the hill. Also the Carian Rock Tombs which welcomes you as you enter the town, are really amazing.

After that, you can go back to town center and have a lunch including the famous fish which was caught in Dalyan river. After lunch,  Last stop is the mud-bath which is said

to be very healthful for your skin because of the minerals and the elements it contains like Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphure.

Return to your yacht is with the same river boats, the Sea Food Restaurant called My Marina at the bay of Ekincik is one of the best all around Turkey . Restaurant offers a fantastic view over the bay and a excellent fish-dinner while you watch the bay and your boat . The dinner there is expensive, but worth the money.

Oğuz Özay Tanıtım